Preparing a Scientific Article Review


There is a vast amount of information published every day and it is only possible for an individual to sift through a small portion of it during their life time.  The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the art of critically selecting the most valuable and informative material and then how to better evaluate its credibility in terms of scientific accuracy and intention.   Note: This is not a mini-research paper!

You assignment is to select an article from a current news source on a topic related to the course of study.  Hopefully you will be able to select something that is of interest to you.  this makes the remainder of the project more meaningful.

 First read and gain a good understanding of the source article.  Now write an abstract for this article that should please both the author and a critical reader.  Your abstract along with the source document represent the first portion of the assignment.  If you are not familiar with writing abstracts you can locate several online resources in the overview of the research paper.

The second portion of the project will require you to find 3 or more reference articles from reputable sources, either supporting or refuting one or more of the claims found in the source document.  In the "Critical Evaluation" section you need to develop a logical and well referenced discussion of these topics.  There is no minimum length but it should not exceed 1000 words. 

The third and final portion of the project is your conclusion.  You should use no more than 250 words to tell the reader what you now believe on the subject and why.  You need to provide your rationale for your conclusion in a logical and rational manor.

Remember this is a science course so your work should avoid the appearance of emotion or bias.  It is best if the entire project is presented in the third person. You can use the style presented in your text book as an example. 


Avoid redundancy

Keep paragraphs simple and to a point. 

Develop ideas logically -- Logical questions

Answer the questions


You should keep in mind that the intended audience for this project is your fellow students.  The vocabulary and explanations should therefore be fitting to this audience.  It is likely a good idea to have a fellow classmate, who is unfamiliar with the subject, review your project before finalizing it.


The format should be similar to the example shown below.  More resources on writing an abstract and MLA formatting can be found then the discussion I have on the research paper.