Research Topics


Below you will find a few possible topics.  These are only suggestions.  You should feel free to find your own or modify the ones listed as needed to better fit your personal interest.


Advances in Diagnostic Studies Using Isotopes


Alcoholism, Genetic or Environmental

Antibiotics and resistant strains of Bacteria – A Real Threat?


Cancer and Genetics

Cloning + & -

Comparing Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

Cystic Fibrosis

Diabetes Mellitus

Diet and Pregnancy

Directional Selection in Humans?

Down Syndrome

Drug addiction

Embryology and Environmental Causes for Birth Defects

Endangered Species and the Influences of Man

Ethical issues concerning HIV and Aids, The Right to Privacy viruses Public Safety

Ethics and Modern Scientific Research

Ethics of Cloning

Ethics of Testing for DNA Markers


Fad Diets

Food Fads and Vitamins

Foundations for Ethnic differences (Skin color, facial features etc.)

Founder effect

Fragile X syndrome

G6PD deficiency

Gene Transfer Technology

Genetic Engineering (In plants or Animals)

Genetic Mutation

Global Warming

History and Evolution of Eugenics

Hormones, Effects and Controls (or Disease)

Human Genome Project

Human Immune System

Human Parasites, Pathogenesis & Their Life Cycle

Icelandic Population , Ideal for Genetic Research (Is it Ethical?)

Klinefelter syndrome

Leptin and Weight Control

Man on the Moon, A reality in 1969?

Natural Selection

Obesity – Causes and Treatment

Obesity, Genetic or Environmental

One of the thalassemia disorders

Passive Immunity and Breast Feeding

Pollution and its effects on Man and the Biosphere

Prion Disease (Mad Cow)

Recombinant DNA and Medicine

Sickle Cell Anemia

Skin Aging and Sun Exposure

Skin Cancer and the Sun

Smoking, Its Effects on Humans


The Ecology of Barrier Reefs

The Ethics between the Interactions between the “1st world and the Third World”

The source of Biodiversity

The Value of The Ozone Layer

Tropical Rain Forests, Their Value and Future

Turner Syndrome

Will the Virus become the 7th Kingdom?  Why or Why not

XYY Syndrome (Super Male)