General Policies


Please refer to the current edition of the UMUC Undergraduate Catalog for the official policies that will be honored in all situations.


v     Attendance:  

      Eight-week courses by their very nature are fast paced.  It is the students responsibility to make arrangements with fellow students for notes and materials covered while absent. (see Student Responsibilities) 

      By contract notification will be made to the ESO whenever military students fail to attend three consecutive classes without notification to the instructor.  Written documentation may be required to verify excused absences.  For military members, these include official orders or a letter from the unit commander or medical sick slip.  Other situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  

      I allow students to miss a class meeting without penalty and a second meeting may be missed provided documentation is presented verifying valid circumstances preventing attendance.  Each absence in excess of this will result in a 20 point deduction from the participation grade.  

      Keep in mind the timeliness of notification is key in the process.  


v     Assignment Format

     All assignments accomplished at home need to be typed, Font size 12 "Times New Roman" standard margins.  Completed work should be submitted without a folder or cover page. Work should be double spaced.  A header should be in the upper left corner as shown in the Scientific Article Review.   A footer with the student's name and page number should be on all subsequent pages.


v     Homework

     The purpose of homework is to direct the students study efforts to some of the more significant portions of the material being covered.  Homework compliance is not evaluated or calculated into the final grade.


v     Examinations & Make-up :  

      Examinations are given to allow students the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge they have acquired of the subject matter being covered in the course.  

      Generally my exams are composed of a combination of multiple choice and matching questions with general definitions and short essay questions with at least one third of the score coming from the written responses.

      Depending on the course content various study aids may be permitted during the examination, see the course syllabus for details.

      Making up a missed exam: 

         There is no automatic process providing for "Make-Up-Exams".  Therefore all make up exams must be arranged for as outlined below.

         Arrangements must be made by e-mail or fax and should be accomplished prior to the test date whenever possible. 

        Note: I generally do not agree to give exams early.

        I will attempt to deliver or mail the makeup exams within 5 working days of the receipt of your written request.   

         It is up to you to propose the location and the time frame for testing.  Allow ample time to adequately prepare as well as some latitude for the unexpected.

        After you have developed a plan you need to submit it to me by e-mail or fax.

      This process will generate 2 responses from me.  

      I will immediately acknowledge receipt the message.  

      As soon as I can I will advise you of the arrangements.  

      I strongly suggest you call the appropriate UMUC field office in advance to ensure they do have the proper exam and to schedule the examination.   If they do not have the examination, ask them to contact me.

      Until you receive feedback from me assume no progress has been made.

        Once you have completed the exam it is always good to notify me.  I will send your results as a reply.

         Note: I generally will not distribute an exam before it is administered to the class. 


v    The Grade of Incomplete (I)

      I will not give a grade of I to a student who has failed to make arrangements prior to the end of the course.

         The only exception would be in a situation where a verifiable emergency occurred preventing such notification.

      To be given an I you must submit a written request (generally by e-mail).  This request should contain the following:

         The situation necessitating the extension.

         A timeline showing in detail how you will complete the missed work.


v     E-Mail Policies

      Please ensure you follow the following procedures:

         The header -  e.g. Bio-201 T3 Landstuhl Make up Midterm

        Always start with the course, location, and term after which you should indicate the subject matter.

        Please only submit one topic per e-mail.

      An alternative for formatted text is by fax 06374-805800.


v     Quizzes: 

      Quizzes are generally open book and open notes.

         Most are given as take home assignments. 

         I will post quizzes to the class web site the same day  or briefly before I distribute them in class. 

         Failure to type a quiz will result in a 7% deduction if it is neat and a 15% deduction if I have difficulty reading it. 

         Quizzes may be submitted by e-mail

         Quizzes will generally not receive full credit if submitted late.

        It is important if you are absent from class to check the class web site to see if any quizzes were given to avoid a late penalty.

        Only in vary rare and unusual circumstances will I grant full credit for late assignments


v     Student Responsibilities

      Participate in class

      Read the chapters to be discussed prior to class

      Complete assignments on time

      Successfully complete all the exams

      Make prudent arrangements for absences

         Submit or fax appropriate documentation for excused absences

         Send e-mail notification for absences due to personal reasons

         Confer with fellow students for notes etc. for materials missed during absences

         Review the class web site for any pertinent postings, announcements or quizzes etc...

         Observe all safety rules during any labs


v     Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism

      Submitting anothers work as your own will not be tolerated. 

         Plagiarized papers, reports, or exams will receive a grade of zero. 

         This generally applies to both the student who provided the work and the one submitting it.  

      Examples of plagiarism:

         Using a definition from the course text as part of your answer to a question without citing the reference

         Using sufficient content (even paraphrased) from a known text or article without citing the reference.